Payday 3 - No rest for the wicked

I was the internal lead artist and point of contact for the outsourced level team.
The map is built by the massively talented people at Sperasoft led by master genius Igor Gorkovenko.

As the first map in the game, the biggest task was to sell the New York setting and then to place the seedy bank in there. The Secure capital bank needed that special flavor of cheap looking and pretend friendly bank that will offer you fantastic teaser rates for 2 months and then rob you blind. Key points for making new york feel right was building diversity in architecture and almost deliberately mismatching it, combining it with construction work and a very varied state of maintenance and cleanliness. Furthermore giving us the opportunity to clean up the inside to give som contrast to the interiors and sell the pretend friendliness of the bank, expertly branded by Marielle Karlsson.