BF1 - They shall not pass DLC

Fredrik larsson adition 002

Observation outposts and a view towards the hill at fort Vaux.

Fredrik larsson revamped 001

An opening , from the forested area, that reveals the devils anvil.

For the DLC I was the 3D artist in the small group that made the level Verdun heights.
Together with a legendary team of 1 level designer, two level artists and a shy outsourcing budget we made this beast of a map.
I made all the 3D whiteboxing, planning, organizing and sending away what need to be done externally and grabbing for myself what I wanted to make. I did a lot of retrofitting and problem solving with old assets, but as it turned out I got to take some new stuff to polish on my own too. Great project to work on and the map turned out very good.