Payday 3 - Under the surphaze

I was the internal lead artist and point of contact for the outsourced level team.
The map is built by the massively talented people at Sperasoft led by master genius Igor Gorkovenko.

This was the biggest, openest, sandboxiest level we built and the centerpiece building was one very large modular set that let us cater to the very specific requirements from this level design. The size and scope of this level made a challenge for navigation and content as we had to make 7 exhibition rooms in a maze like design. They had to look similar in architecture but unique enough to provide instant orientation to the player. We took the path of large abstract shapes for sculptures and color coded themes for the exhibition rooms and making paintings that provide a sort of themed iconography per room.
One of the key aspects to sell was the pretentiousness of the gallery owner, showing through in the expertly crafted Surphaze brand created by Marielle.